What if I told you that love and marketing are one in the same? 

The core concepts of selling your product are the same skills you need to get a date. On the other side of that coin, if you’re naturally gifted at dating then let me show you how you can apply your talent towards a career in marketing.

I’m going to reveal 5 ways you can improve your business and your dating life at the same time. After all, the highest use of your talents as a marketer is to find your soulmate. 😉

1. Build your brand to win your wife

Long before there were humans, there was marketing. Look at the peacock. The male birds spend most of their day maintaining their heavy feathers to attract a mate. After all, it ain’t easy to look this good. The beauty of their feathers indicates the peacock’s strength, discipline, and dedication - all impressive things to a peacock bachelorette. A large train with more vibrant colors attracts more attention. In marketing, we call this branding.

If evolution tells us anything, it’s that those who adapt will survive. The only difference between us and the peacocks is we’ve traded vibrant feathers for an Instagram feed. You are one misplaced feather away from a right swipe. The competition is fierce. You want to land that big client? Score a date with a 10? The answer is better branding. 

But what does it mean to create better branding? Let's be very clear here - branding is NOT your logo. It is not your tagline. Those simply represent your brand. Branding is the lasting feeling created when someone says your name. 

Donald Trump. Jimmy Falon. Lady Gaga. Three people who have very distinctive brands. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have created a brand. What do people think of when they hear your name? Become aware of this because your brand will magnetize what you represent.

Pro Tip: Branding is not about chasing; it’s about attracting. Let’s say you want to date the healthy, athletic-type. Ask yourself, “What qualities does that kind of person want in their partner?” If you want to sell luxery real estate, what characteristics attract that level of client? Simply put: Who do you need to become? 

Rather than chasing Mrs.Right, become Mr.Right. 

2. The Dating Funnel

Have you ever proposed on the first date? I did once. Probably popped the question a little too early since we never had a second date. 

Alright, that didn’t actually happen. But wouldn’t it be weird to ask for marriage on the first date? Funny thing is - marketers do this every freaking day. They ask for the commitment way too early, going straight to the sale without ever building report. 

On the other hand, it would be pretty weird to date for 10 years and still not propose. So we know the right time to ask the question is somewhere between one day and one decade. This is called the sales funnel. It’s the series of interactions between your first introduction and the day you get married.

During these series of interactions, it's your job to show the other person how valuable you can be in their life. Have them to imagine what it would be like to work with you. And if you do this right, they will be inspired to do the same. Good marketers sell to clients; great marketers inspire clients to sell themselves.

Pro Tip: In Gary Vaynerchuck's book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, he illustrates giving 3X as much as you ask. On social media, don’t always throw right hooks. Give your audience value through video, commentary, and free advice. The goal of the sales funnel is to become omnipresent. Create interactions on multiple channels like following you on Instagram, attending your live event, watching you on Youtube. Similar to the sales funnel, in the dating you want to spread your communications across multiple channels. Rather than always texting, send a funny Snapchat. Go on unique dates. Talk on the phone. Add multiple dimensions to your conversation. 

3. Power of a WingMan

Don't you love it when people talk about how great they are? Exactly - no one does. That’s why you need a wingman. Someone who will build you up so you don’t have to. In marketing, you could use 3rd party accreditation. Like TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award. Better yet, give your customers the stage and let them speak on your behalf. We both know how powerful Yelp reviews are when choosing a restaurant. 

I wonder what my past girlfriends' reviews would say... Ehh, probably shouldn’t go down that rabbit hole. While you probably shouldn't have exes put a good word in, your best friend certainly can. While I titled this section “Power of a Wing Man” personal experience has taught me that a “Wing Woman” is actually much more effective. Let her make friends with the girl you're keen on. Then she’ll spark conversion about great you are and then makes an intro. See how this is a much better strategy than approaching cold and starting an awkward conversation?  

Pro Tip: The sale is made even before you start the first conversation. In the marketing world, we call this “priming the lead”. Here’s an effective strategy you can use for your business: have a press article written about your company. Then boost that post to your audience. When your audience see the post for example, “Entrepreneur Names (your product) Top Product of 2018”. Third party recommendations have multiplied more impact than your own word. 

4. Your Company’s Pick Up Line

There are 1.6 Billion swipes every day on Tinder, but only 26 million daily matches (See Source). That’s only a 1.6% average conversion rate. Tinder street is bustling with people window shopping for humans, how are you going to stand out? 

The first thing you have to optimize is your landing page. The goal of your first photo is just to spark just enough interest for them to not bounce. What would your ideal customer want to see most? If you want to attract someone with a good sense of humor, then your first photo should express your funny side. 

Now let's work on your bio. In marketing, we call selling through written word “Copywriting”. Like a great salesman, a great copywriter doesn’t focus on the product… they focus on the benefit of the product. A 40-year old man doesn't buy a red Corvette because it’s practical; he buys it because the way it makes him feel. Cool. Successful. Important. 

When you write copy, don’t sell the details of your product. Sell the result your customer is searching for.

There's nothing that peeves me more than when I see a laundry list of things describing who they are like, “I am active. I am creative. I am funny.” Instead, reveal your qualities through imagery. Re-write this bio to say, “My perfect day starts with Yoga in the park, taking dorky photos in front of urban art, and grabbing drinks later at the comedy club.” Don't tell me you are funny. Tell me a joke.

Even better, describe what a day would like together. You could write, “Let’s get some morning mimosas at brunch and then try this new Goat Yoga thing. I’ve been wanting to try it and it looks hilarious.” Create an image that expresses your personality (without a boring laundry list) and gets their mind exploring what it would be like to do things with you.

Yes, Goat Yoga is a real thing...

Pro Tip: Here are 7 rules to writing better copy

  1. Short, choppy sentences are more effective than compound sentences.
  2. Remove the word “That” from everything. It’s not necessary and make it clunky. 
  3. Give the reader possession by using “Your” instead of “A” or “The". Example: "Start Your Free Trial" rather than "Start A Free Trial”. 
  4. Emphasis the audience's biggest dreams while eliminating their biggest fears. Uber’s site to recruit drivers reads “Drive when you want. Earn what you need.” They have figured out driver’s dreams and fears are around scheduling and payment. 
  5. Be definitive in your claims. Remove words like probably, likely, kind of, almost, nearly, about, can, could, etc… and replace them with words like will, is, certainly, and absolutely. 
  6. KISS: Keep it simple stupid. Don’t write above a 5th-grade reading level. 
  7. Create mystery. Magazine headlines do a great job at this. “The shocking truth unfolds about this celebrity affair!” It reveals just enough to get you to read more. 

5. It doesn’t matter how many fish are in the sea

What good is an amazingly well-crafted advertisement if no one sees it? You could have the best coffee in town, but if your shop is tucked away in an alley no one is going buy from you. This fact is just as true in dating. 

You’re probably smart, funny, and sexy but if you don’t put yourself out there then it doesn’t matter how many fish are in the sea. You’re not going to catch anything. I know it’s scary. And you will get rejected. That’s part of the game. The trick is to keep playing after each rejection.

You must discipline your disappointment. 

When you first start selling, you will probably have to talk with 10 people to land a sale. Don’t worry, you only get better from there. You’ll find out what opener works best, which shirt is most attractive, and how to tell better stories. It's a numbers game. How many times are you willing to go fishing?

Pro Tip: Write down your goal and work backward. If you want to get 10 sales a day online, then how many website visitors do you need? If you want to go on a date this week, how many times should you introduce yourself to meet someone new? Fall in love with the process. It’s like riding a bike - go slow and you’ll fall over. Only when you go fast will you’ll see how fun it really is 🙂